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Our camp is placed 40km east of Kangerlussuaq, in the heart of a beautiful area with wildlife of musk ox, caribou, white hare, ptarmigan and arctic fox etc. The area is close to the beautiful indland ice of Greenland and never the less the evenings is surrounded by the most spectacular Aurora or Northern Lights mostly covering the entire sky with no interruption of street light etc. as far as the eye reaches.


Our program in the winter time from January to the end of February can guarantee you with the area of one of the most stabile weather situations in the entire Greenland almost 100% luck in experiencing the ‘Arctic Five Challenge’ and 98% in experiencing even more with an ’Arctic Ten Challenge’:


  • Dogsledding

  • Ice cap

  • Musk oxen

  • Reindeer

  • Fox

  • White hare

  • Ptarmigan

  • Beautiful nature

  • Northern light

  • Peace and quietness 


It is an honor to try to create and fulfill your dreams of your stay in Greenland to make it as one of your most valuable trips with happiness, success and a huge experience you will never forget


Program 2020:

Group. 1

12/2-21  -  19/2-21     

Group. 2

19/1-20  -  25/2-21       

Group. 3

Closed Covid-19          

Group. 4

Closed Covid-19       

Group. 5

Closed Covid-19           



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