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Kangerlussuaq is the main Airport in Greenland. In Kangerlussuaq Airport the team of Greenland Photo Safari will welcome you and be holding a sign: Greenland Photo Safari in order for you to find us.

Kangerlussuaq is placed by the Arctic Cirle on the west coast of Greenland, in the bottom of the longest fjord of 200 km in Greenland. Kangerlussuaq has approx. 500 inhabitants.

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Camp & Wildlife

The camp is placed 40 km from Kangerlussuaq, and only 5km from the magnificent inland ice. Our camp is surround by beautiful nature, mountains, lakes and wildlifes. From our camp it is possible to hike in all directions to experience all the animals of the region. Often you will even have the option of experience animals direct from camp.

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The professionel guides will as in a hunting situation, bring you close to the animals. It is important to know the behavior of the animals in order to be in a safe distance of the animals. Especially the musk oxen can attack if they feel threaten. For this reason we use very experienced guides.

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