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Inuit Outfitting ApS is a family business. Our main business is tourism and fishing and photo Safari. Inuit Outfitting has a life long experience within the nature. The team behind is all born and raised within the Greenland culture as an important part of our life. We love the nature/wildlife and it has always been a natural part of our life.

Inuit Outfitting has a dog team of 14 dogs, the dogs are very dear to us and they are somehow always a part of our products when possible especially during our tours in the winter time.


We are placed in the western part of Greenland by the Artic Circle. We started out in 1996 with our hunting company. The hunting camp is placed in the heart of the area of the wildlife close by the ICE-CAP in the eastern area of Kangerlussuaq.


All products of ours are made from our hearts, and for this reason we enjoy every little part of it. In our product it is important for us:


  • To work very serious with all our product

  • To accomplish our quests' satisfaction

  • To make sure our guest experience our nature, culture and wildlife

  • To make sure our products are safe and with a high standard

  • To lead our photo hunters to the best pictures with the best view

  • Always to develop our products


We have agents selling our products in several countries. Write us and we will connect you to an agent near you.


We always work hard in order to accomplish full satisfaction from our guests by including a lot of content and experiences during each day of their stay with us.

Michael Ingemann
Owner & Guide
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Malene Ingemann 
Mathias Ingemann
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